Shree Sai Associates

Organic Farm House

What is organic farm house ?

 Shree Sai Associates is the growing co. in commercial forestry Teak Wood Plantation and organic fruit garden plantation in its organic farm house.

Shree Sai Associates provides the best tissue culture Teak Wood Plantation along with transfer of ownership of that particular land to its clients for  best income at the youngest harvest period of the teak wood tree.

More than 50,000 Farmer’s across India in a business of commercial farming of Teak Wood plantation but after it they don’t have fulfil the requirement /demand of Timber wood in India.

Shree Sai Associates introduce the 1st commercial organic Farm House of Teak Wood Plantation in 10 Acres of Area of agricultural land  at its surrounding location .

Why go through Shree Sai Associates ?

Shree Sai Associates integrate farming of Teak Wood plants on commercial basis along with best professional teams  provide maintenance back up and buy back guarantee on  current market rate of products/teak wood plants.

Shree Sai Associates provide at a minimum market price of Teak wood plantation along with transfer of  ownership of the land to its clients at the location of suitable invirnment for teak wood plantation in nearest surrounding location.

Shree Sai Associates have 25%  joint venture scheme for its client where the co paid all the maintenance cost of teak wood plantation for the period of 15 years.


Over the phone, via e-mail or in person, we get to know the clients and discover their need for investment in forestry. The process includes answering any questions you have, as well as helping to take iniciative in Teak Wood  timber investment. Once the client is satisfied a registration amount is paid by the client to the company’s account so that the client is called up to be registered client and there after completion of  the process  for transfer of ownership / registration of the agricultural land to its clients  plantation starts now……..but the suitable time for the plantation is in the month of july.

Site preparation and planning

Once the order is placed, Shree Sai Associates  professionals  prepare the land for optimal tissue culture teak(sagwan) or organic fruit garden  planting as according to the order placed by the client. The preparation  includes clearing brush, securing fence lines, prepping the soil and fertilizing. Then, it’s time to plant the trees. The legacy has begun………

Maintenance Schedule

Its time for maintence ,Shree Sai Associates have the responsibility to appoint maintenance staff for proper  treatment of water and  pesticides on time .

Any  of the maintenance cost will be not paid by any of our client in 25% joint venture scheme. In above below , here are the growth of the teak wood plants.

Income from Teak Wood

We get approximatily 12 to 15 cubic feet wood from one healthy teak wood plant .
The current average market value of teak is 2500 TO 3000 Rs per cubic feet in Indian timber market. So, we get 15x3000 = Rs. 45000 from one  teak Wood plant. 
If we plant 500 plants then  we have  get 500x45000= Rs.2,25,00,000 ( In words – Two crore Twenty Five Lakhs ) only.

Note – this is the current market price calculation but you have to be think about the market price of after 15 years



Overall we have get very high profit on  very low  investment Scheme through  Shree Sai Associates WITH possession of ownership of the land along with  Teak Wood plantation and free maintenance scheme.

Plan it as  for the retirement ,wedding ,education  and best investment programme.
This investment is much better then mutual funds  ,Fixed Deposites  and other investment plans.

Go with Shree Sai Associates for secure and maintenance free forestery investment plans along with professional team members and  transfer of ownership of the agricultural land to protect  U from fraud and cheat.

Note – Please visit our organic farm house to see the commercial  teak wood plantation